Gretchen Martin, Co-Founder

Gretchen is a Sales & Marketing professional with over a decade of experience under her belt working internationally in various sectors. It was always her dream to open a fitness studio and after becoming a mother in 2016 the need for a private office was real (baby in your 'home office' = not as cute as it sounds). Newly imported to Canada, Gretchen spent nearly her entire life in the U.S. and now lives in Downtown Vancouver with her husband Jay who is a native West Vancouverite and her baby boy Aspen. With a motherโ€™s heart and the passion of an entrepreneur, Gretchen believes Hautebox is the mechanism to create an uprising of Powerhouse women in Vancouver. 


Sharon Norris, Co-Founder

Sharon has built a successful career in Human Relations, currently managing a team at Vancity and sitting on the board of non-profit organization Camp Kerry. She is a well-respected business leader in Vancouver and is passionate about building communities and supporting women in leadership. Sharon spent her teen years and early twenties as a dancer and eventually found herself with a professional dance career performing on cruise ships, TV shows and music videos. A rockstar of a mama balancing her dual responsibilities as a Director of Talent, Diversity and Inclusion at Vancity while keeping up with family and social life brought the acute awareness that women need a space where they can navigate life together while bettering each other by energizing their work and wellness world. She loves to travel, loves great wine, and is excellent at bringing women together in a supportive and collaborative way. Sharon lives in North Vancouver with her husband Steve and boys Charlie and Max.