Bringing Women together is at the core of our beings as much as it is at the core of our Events.


This year we are offering the Community the opportunity to purchase a ticket to Babes + Beats anonymously for another woman. Summer is such a busy time and we know some of you are unable to join us for Babes + Beats, so we’ve created an opportunity to send another woman to enrich herself in your place!

Sponsored tickets will be awarded at the discretion of our Non-profit Partner BC Women’s Foundation and may be for a Woman battling a difficult health issue, or with a sick child at BC Children’s. We are all in need of community, and Sponsored Tickets will be an inclusion exercise to increase our #Vancouvergirlgang and uplift the greater community of Vancouver Women.

Sponsored tickets are entirely anonymous, which we feel only adds to the beauty of the gesture. To purchase a Sponsored Ticket, click the ‘Buy Tickets’ button below, select ‘Sponsored Ticket’ and feel free to include your name so we may send you a special thank you. Let’s create a truly beautiful community of powerhouse Women.

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non-profit partner

BC Women’s Foundation